Fire Frances Widdowson - a Racist Professor at MRU

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Mount Royal University's Statement

Mount Royal University has made a statement regarding this petition.

They have acknowledged Frances Widdowson's freedom of expression and acknowledged their obligation to ensuring that MRU professors create safe and inclusive environments.

Although we are happy to have a response from the university and are eager to hear how they intend to address the complaints made, their statement is troubling.

Hate speech does not fall within freedom of expression. Frances Widdowson is not making her students feel safe. 

President Rahilly, if you truly believe in an inclusive and safe institution then we are excited to hear what you have planned in order to create change at Mount Royal University. However, I encourage you to read the comments below this petition. Listen to the people in your community. Continue to foster this conversation and take in concerns. 

And remember: hate speech is never acceptable. Racism should never be tolerated. 

Kenna Fraser
1 year ago