Remove honouring "legacy" of former Nazi Waffen-SS soldier Willi Huber at Mount Hutt

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Former Nazi-Waffen soldier Willi Huber is to have his "legacy" remembered by the Mt Hutt Ski Area. Mt Hutt Ski Area Manager James McKenzie was recently quoted in as saying, "he made a new start here and tried to put the past behind him. We are happy to respect his legacy".

Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem and renowned Nazi hunter Dr Efraim Zuroff has stated, "there is no way that Mr Huber could not have been aware of the massive atrocities carried out by the SS..... where 1,500,000 "enemies of the Reich", primarily Jews, were murdered individually during the years 1942-1943"

This is not a "legacy" to be proud of and is an insult to all those murdered by the Nazis or who died fighting the Nazis. How lucky Mr Huber was to be able to make a "new start", something that was not afforded to the victims murdered by the SS.

We demand that Mt Hutt Ski Area removes the plaque honouring an unrepentant Nazi, who in a 2017 NZ TV interview said, "I give it to Hitler, he was very clever" and admitted he volunteered to serve in the SS .

We also demand Mt Hutt Sky Area rename the ski slope named after SS Officer Huber.

Nazis should not have their "legacy" remembered.