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Change Mound's City Ordinance to Allow Domestic Backyard Chickens

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Currently, the bylaws written for the City of Mound does not allow for the keeping of backyard chickens.  

Backyard Chickens are a positive for the city and community for a variety of reasons beyond the obvious benefit of very locally sourced eggs.  Chickens are a natural pest eliminator - they eat bugs and ticks making the yards they inhabit pest-free.  Chickens reduce the amount of kitchen waste a family produces as they will take care of most table scraps as a food source.  Chickens also produce amazing, natural fertilizer without chemicals - which not only makes for very plentiful harvests from the garden but also helps with the chemical run-off into our precious Lake Minnetonka.  For families with children, raising hens teaches respect for animals and the Earth and minimizing our carbon footprint.  

When the City Council was approached three years ago, the square footage of Mounds lots was cited as a valid reason to vote down the change.  However there have been several communities around the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area who have since allowed chickens, most with lot sizes comparable to Mound including Golden Valley, Richfield, and Edina.  Minneapolis just loosened their restrictions allowing property owners to have as many chickens as they want without the consent of their neighbors.  

We are proposing that the City of Mound reevaluate the ordinance regarding domestic animals to allow each property owner up to 5 hens (no roosters) with a satisfactory, sanitary and sound coop and chicken run.  We are open to a registration fee to keep only serious chicken keepers involved.  

Petition signers are showing support of Mound, Minnesota allowing Domestic Backyard Chickens.  Though we appreciate all support, signatures of Mound residents are most welcome.


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