Stop using animals in the Moulin Rouge!!!

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Visiting the beautiful city of Paris, for many it is a must to see the Moulin Rouge.

I, like many, was excited to see such an acclaimed performance, but this was dramatically overshadowed by the disgusting, obscene use of animal cruelty.

Throwing snakes up in the air whilst they try to swim away, startled by the lights and the fact a woman is swimming and twisting them around her body whilst submerged in a tank, is not only uncomfortable, but shows the productions and director’s clear and blatant ignorance for animal welfare.  This in tandem with multiple Shetland ponies being forced to trot as they nervously move around stage is unbareable to watch. For a show that is meant to epitomise the joy and elegance of theatre, this is certainly juxtaposed by the disgusting treatment of animals used and the equal shock and alarm from the audience.

From research I can see the Moulin Rouge continues to showcase animal cruelty. Bare in mind these animals are enforced to repeat their ‘performance’ up to 4 times a day, if not more. I don’t even want to imagine where they are kept to ‘rest’ before they play their starring roles. 

Please sign the petition so the show stops this  animal abuse once and for all.