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Hello everyone My name is Mo I Am The Owner of ( ) and the Creator of the Fanbase (#TAKEOFFNATION) For Takeoff who is (1/3 Of Migos) I have Been Running My Fanpage For approximately 2 Years Now, But I Have Been Doing a Fanpage for Takeoff For 3 Years , Takeoffnation Was Created MARCH 22ND 2017 My First Page (Takeoffyrn_Fanpage) was Shut down by Instagram but I Created another one and Kept this Thing Going for Takeoff. THIS ISN'T A PLEAD for anything. I  am Asking For Something I have Proven to so many that I deserve (Blogs, Celebrities, Managers, Presidents and Even Migos. During my Times Running This Fanpage I have had Motown and Capitol Records Marketing team Reach out to Me about Promoting The Last Rocket Album including  the Culture 2 Album when it was Released but yet never offered a real job nor an Internship. I was in charge of Getting The Fanpages together to Promote Culture 2. I Have the President of Motown following me all of his Family plus Celebrities tell me how good of a job I do for him. To get  to the Point my Fanpage is not an Ordinary Page I Do this for Takeoff because I believe in his Ability as An Artist, I Have so many ideas I have tried to Push that Has actually Sold but will always get shut down for trying to Promote him! I have been doing this page for free and although I love it I do have to make a Living of my own so I don't always have the time to Promote like I want to, The Last Rocket Album to me Was an Amazing album coming from Take and it could have been pushed so much better {No Offense to The Team members nor Takeoff)  Due to Working for my Dreams time is Not always a Factor for me! But having the opportunity to Help make My favorite artist of this Generation More profitable I would drop that job for that not,  my Salon job but I can do both promise . I believe  people need to Hear what he has to say at times,  I know with the help of takeoff and his Team and my Knowledge of Takeoff we can Push him to Unbelievable Hieghts. All I am asking for is a Chance to Prove it!  my page proves it my Idea to Push #Motortsport to 100 Million Views I know I can do a ton! My Page is More of a Movement for Takeoff and we can Take TAKEOFFNATION fanbase globally! I have had other fans Tell me that I Should be apart of his Team. Just Give me A Shot!