Regular security software updates on Moto phones.

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Motorola is amongst the leading mobile phone manufacturer globally. There is no denying that Moto produces one of the best pieces of hardware and is a highly innovative brand 

And sometime back it was a brand people put their trust in. 

The things have certainly been different after Google aquired it and there after lenovo bought it.

Like other oems Lenovo/Motorola promises regular updates on some of their phones but doesnt seem to fulfill them.

Moto G4s software update marketing case is one such example. Let's leave that aside for now , even current phones are not receiving timely security updates For example when Moto X4 was launched. They promised regular Security updates for the handset but they seem to be lacking behind on their promise.

Moreover recently Moto signed up for Android Enterprise Program which includes their Moto Z2 force and Moto X4. They shared the same on their official Twitter handle. I was quite happy as a consumer ,since in this world of Internet how everybody has privacy concerns especially after Facebook's data handling issues.

It gave me such a relief as a consumer that i am well protected from malwares and security breachs because I will be getting Regular security updates on my motorola X4. But certainly that was not the case as it is already the end of March and I am still on December Security patch. As a consumer I feel vulnerable to Malwares and Security breaches.

Google quotes on their Android Enterprise Program website, "Android Enterprise Recommended helps ensure devices are up to date with regular security patches delivered within 90 days."

If my calculations are right January security patch should be out in next 10 days. I am highly doubtful of that.

My concern with owning a Moto phone is that I am not protected. When all the major oems have started pushing regular security updates I find myself leftout


I am only bringing this matter here because of my failed attempt of getting a true response from moto on their forums and various other social media platforms. This thing requires transparency from Moto's end as to how and in what time frame are  they going to release these updates just like the Google's Android Enterprise states 90 days time frame for an update. If at all they run into any issue they should make a public post about it So, that the customer feels supported .