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Motorola should resolve image persistence & ghost touch of MOTO G4+ (XT1643)

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Dear Motorola,

You are the pioneer of mobile innovation. You have created the first mobile phone. You bought iconic phones to the public. You have paved the way that even in low price, good phones can be designed. There are numerous examples like Moto G1, G2, G3, E1 and so on, where you have provided Android in a mint package to common man, when these luxury was only meant for Nexus bearer.

Then what is the problem with MOTO G4 Plus?

You promised a solid phone. But this phone has become a cause of headache for the million Indians who trusted you and spent 15k from their hard earned money (Obviously, a rich guy would go for a high end phone and not moto G4 plus).  

The phone has screen image persistence issue, more commonly known as screen burn. When we bought the phone, the issue never showed up until the Nougat update. After extensive research by the owners( as service centre did not provided any solution other than screen replacement), it was found as software issue. If the red tone is increased a bit , the issue is gone. Why can't a software update fix it? Why do we have to install third party application like "Twilight" to do it?

While using the camera for video capture, the phone heats up anywhere up to 45 degree Celsius. Then the fun happens. The processor slows down. Slowing the entire phone. 

Whenever we charge it we suffer ghost touch issue!  The touch screen goes mad during charging. So, during the entire charging time, the phone is to be regarded as "UNTOUCHABLE"

So, we request you to kindly mend these problems before the warranty end date.

Thank you,

Dipro Sarkar

One of many Moto G4 Plus owner


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