Motorcyclists are Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Adult Kids, Partners, Pet owners, etc

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Motorcyclists are being killed on our roads at alarmingly increasing rates.

 Someone’s Dad, Mum, Sister, Brother, Partner,Best Mate, even the pets favourite human, etc etc.  Killed not coming home.

Something needs to change urgently.  

Mandatory Same coloured High visibility vests for ALL riders.  No that Might not look cool, but if the choice is death over looking cool, well each to their own.

Please support me in creating change &   getting motorcyclists far more support for       ALL riders safety, from the government &     other appropriate  agencies. 

I need your help please friends ~  your signatures & comments please, to get the necessary attention that this tragic issue is demanding to be addressed , and not being swept under the rug.  

We need to Introduce fairer laws to keep         ALL bike riders safer & more protected               on our roads.                                                      Plus. Harsher penalties for people who crash into riders.    With redgo & insurance costs what they are,  The edges of roads need to be a lot safer too.  Speed  limits that go from 110           to 80 to 40  are also major factors for accidents.                  How about some consistent speed zones please instead of mosty blaming speed as a factor,    the majority of the time and without looking at the speed zone changes leading up to the accident site.  Gravel on all edges & corners     of known motorcycle favourite ride places doesn’t even get looked at to protect riders.    The guard rails / Barriers are responsible for  v l an atrocious amount of rider fatalities, yet     they remain there & get replaced.  It’s the      only - speed, influenced by any substance & road conditions that are judged fro a drivers perspective of the road conditions not riders.  And Bike condition.

Without ruining the joys of riding motorcycles.        More public awareness safety campaigns and law changes need to be made, for motorcycle rider to be more proected on roads, that           we riders pay to maintain & use,                   Public awareness campaigns would be                 a great start.  Public service announcements regularly shown on TV and pictorial explanations about Lanr Filtering.

Motorcyclists, our loved ones, are being killed  at a disturbingly alarming rate, Our Government & other agencies need to spend money on motorcycle rider protection & safety on roads,  at least equal to what's been spent on bicycle rider safety campaigns.  Equal. 

Please support me in trying to get all motorcycle riders,  home safely to their Lives with their loved ones, families & friends.  

Please Sign & then share this petition to help raise awareness & get some real support & action for the urgent need, for safer road riding conditions for Motorcycle riders.  

Thank you kindly from Hailey,   A Mum of 3 adult kids, A 40 plus P & H  Grandmother of 2 toddlers and A Harley rider, who is not an outlaw and deserves to be as protected on our roads as drivers are  & push bike riders are. 

The redgo / Insurance costs alone should at least get us some saftey / protective measures in traffic condensed areas & on highways.

Thank you again.

Please Sign & share &. I’ll find out the best person in Government to approach                   and present the petitions too ���