Prevent Car Dealerships From Underwriting Their Own Warrants

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Dealerships across the UK are able to offer consumes extended warranties for vehicles that they purchase.

Often these warranties are underwritten by the dealerships themselves. Allowing them to pick and choose when and when not to pay out often at the consumers expense.

These warranties are a product that a dealership will sell at the time or purchase to offer peace of mind and can be very costly. Ranging from £500 to £2000. 

Ensuring that dealerships have to be underwritten by an external body will protect the consumer from what is often unaffordable costs to repair a vehicle. 

These high and more often than not can cause the consumer extreme distress and sufficient disruption to their lives whilst the scramble to find the appropriate funds to pay for a repair because the dealership have decided that the repair is financially to high a cost and therefore refuse to fund the work in the vehicle.