Motion to hear a child's voice.

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A week before Landon was taken due to a false news story, he wrote a letter to God; 

"Dear God, 

"I never want to be separated from my mommy again."    Sincerely, Landon

It was circled with a big heart around the words.

Landon and his mother only wish to be together and in peace, but the news refuses to take down their false narratives which commit libel, child exploitation, and slander.

Landon was well cared for, had always gone to private school, and was in swimming, diving, soccer, and jujitsu. His mother until this had her own business, volunteered at church events for children and has taken several parenting classes over the year's. No person until it happens to them, can understand truly how horid it is to have a peace of paper stop you from protecting your own child from harm and danger. And if you brake that order you will be called erratic or worse.

What pain does my child have to suffer before someone takes action to get him home.