Motion to hear a child's voice.

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A week before Landon was kidnapped, he wrote a letter to God; 

"Dear God, 

"I never want to be separated from my mommy again."    Sincerely, Landon

It was circled with a big heart around the words.

Landon was kidnapped from school in Colorado on November 30, 2017, he was flown across state lines to Texas where he was handed off to father(5 time parolee since child was born). Karen, the maternal grandmother, who was ordered no contact with Landon by a protection order was the kidnapper and has continually committed domestic violence and abuse on her daughter since 1990.

Due to coercion, fraudulent use of judicial system, and no attorney, Kasey entered into a temporary custody order for her child. No evidence was presented, a false based petition that was never served to Kasey, and a District judge who served as grandmother's attorney and close friend, Kasey caved trusting her mother's intent was to keep them safe as she had promised. 

Since January, with the temporary order, Karen the grandmother concealed the child twice for more than 20 days both times, tried to destroy evidence of sexual misconduct with a child, changed his school 5 times, refused to answer interogetories ordered by a court, Hog tied his dog, was found passed out in her own vomit in a public hallway, and then hands the child after kidnapping him from school to a father and paternal grandmother who have barely known the child and have never emotionally or financially supported him. 

Law enforcement agencies across the country have been contacted but no agency has yet to thoroughly investigate the interference with child custody (state jail felony), immenent danger, irreparable emotional damage, parental kidnapping, concealment of a child, interstate violation of a protective order(federal offense), fraud, judicial ethics violations, parental rights, children's rights, domestic violence, human rights violations(federal offense), amongst other laws and court rules that were blatantly disregarded.

Landon and his mother only wish to be together and in peace, not ever to allow courts to separate them by an abuser knowing the right people, manipulation, and financial wealth.

Landon was well cared for, had always gone to private school, and was in awimming, diving, soccer, and jujitsu. His mother until this had her own business, volunteered at church events for children and has taken several parenting classes over the 7ears. No person until it happens to them, can understand truly how horid it is to have a peace of paper stop you from protecting your own child from harm and danger. And if you brake that order you will be called erratic or worse.

The New Braunsfels police department were the first to step in and care and try to follow the procedure to return the child till the district judge who was the attorney for grandmother previously,  called them and told the not to give the child to His mother and the mother and child have still not seen or spoken in 36 days. What pain does my child have to suffer before someone takes action to get him home.


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