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Motion Picture Industry Health Plan: Please pay for my daughter's medical formula,necessary for her survival from rare stomach disease!

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I am the mother of seven children. My youngest girl is a smart, happy, beautiful, confident, 11-year-old girl, named Sarah, who just happens to have a rare gastrointestinal condition called Eosinophillic Gastroenteritis (EG).

Eosiniphillic Gastroenteritis is a rare autoimmune condition, occasionally triggered by simply eating food, or drinking water. Basically white blood cells, called Eosinophills, attack and destroy the lining of the esophagus, stomach, and intestinal tract, which leave toxins behind that cause great pain. Symptoms from this autoimmune condition are: severe pain, non-stop vomiting , low energy, constant diarrhea, fevers, blood in stool, malnourishment, and gradual weight loss. My daughter, Sarah has experienced all of these symptoms over the course of two years.

Sarah currently is hospitalized at Children's Hospital Los Angles and unable to tolerate or eat food, because of the physical pain food causes. Upon eating, Sarah's throat occasionally closes, making her feel like she is choking. The only substance which she can tolerate without pain or symptoms, comes from a special nutritional feeding formula called Neocate Junior, which she obtains thru a nasal feeding tube. This formula replaces Sarah's food and contains: essential proteins, vitamins, calories, and minerals. Neocate Junior costs an expensive $1,500 each month, which is a price tag our family of nine, can not afford!

Neocate Junior medical formula is required as medical treatment for Eosinophillic Gastroenteritis by Sarah's Gastrointestinal doctors and experts from Children's Hospital L.A. . On multiple occasions, Motion Picture Industry Health Plan denied Sarah coverage , based on an insurance technicality , that medical formula is not medication.

Please spread the word, and sign our petition. Our family, friends, and doctors believe Sarah is being denied a basic necessity essential to any child : nutrition. We ask that Motion Picture Industry Health Plan approve Sarah's Neocate Junior medical formula , for home usage because this formula is the only medical treatment Sarah can tolerate long-term. Please help Sarah live a pain free life and gain the nutrients needed by any growing 11 year old girl, who wants to live a normal life!

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