IA Gov. Kim Reynolds Call for an End to Family Separation & Detention at US border.

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June 30, 2018

Governor Reynolds:

You were quoted in the Des Moines Register this week as saying that it is “horrific” that children separated at the border from their parents are being used as pawns in the immigration debate. You stated that you disagree with President Trump, who said Republicans should wait until after November to act on immigration. You said Congress should act now to pass immigration legislation. We agree, but you also have the power to take real actions beyond rhetoric, to ensure that the rights of children are not violated at the border, and that immigrant families are protected here in Iowa. We are a diverse, non-partisan coalition of Iowans in the Quad Cities working to advance a more constructive narrative and we ask you to do the same.

You have spoken of the “safety” of Iowans as your concern in believing that undocumented persons should be prosecuted and deported. We believe the safety of Iowans includes protecting our new immigrant populations, who are contributing to the economic growth and cultural vitality of our state. This last winter, you spoke before hundreds of immigrants and their allies at Latino Day on the Hill at the Iowa State Capital. You acknowledged the many businesses that immigrants open in Iowa, and the importance of immigrant labor to our state.

We need you to do more. We request that you:
~Write a letter to Senators Grassley and Ernst, and our four U.S. representatives in the House, calling on them to take leadership in passing legislation that returns detained children to their families.
~Travel to Washington D.C., and meet with your Republican colleagues and impress upon them the need to act now.
~Advance legislation or executive action in Iowa, that makes a strong statement against family separation at the border, and which proclaims that the state of Iowa will not support future workplace raids, like the one in Mt. Pleasant recently.
~Lead an Iowa delegation to the southern border, to visit sites where children are being inhumanely detained.
~Withdraw your support for deployment of the Iowa National Guard at the border.

Ensuring safety for all Iowans, and ensuring justice for immigrant families at the border, means taking a stand for ALL immigrants, for ALL Iowans. We need to be embracing our new immigrant population, and promoting Iowa as a safe place for all. We need you as governor to take leadership and make it happen.

Mothers United/Madras Unidas of the Quad Cities

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