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Mothers says No to Violent toys, games, shows and Guns.

A Mother’s Enduring Commitment
Mother’s love can provide strength against all odds. We, the mothers are pledging peace and love to eradicate the roots of violence today and for everyday henceforth. ..
This pledge is two-fold, starting with change in our homes and taking this change to our schools where our children receive education and spend significant amount of their time. We are making an effort in the mothering community to raise awareness against the use of guns and their predecessors, the violent toys. This pledge, originating with Sikh mothers is being expanded to mothers nationwide. Let’s make a ripple and create a change.
As a mother whose love is incomparable, unconditional and inseparable towards her children and who cares deeply about the community her children grow up in, pledge with us to boycott the use of weapons and all violent items, especially guns from our children’s lives including violent toys and those depicted in movies, video games and media in general. Giving up violent toys and games may not make any difference in the quantity or quality of your child’s play but it will create a force within themselves to want to change just like the peaceful protest by social activists like Martin Luther King Jr. who said we cannot walk alone.
Younger kids are very impressionable, hence there should be funded programs in schools where kids have the opportunity to be a change maker. Using the same philosophy like America reads or programs such as drug-free zones in schools, there should be America goes Non Violent programs in schools year around. Given our involvement in school as parents, pledge with us to bring about this change in schools through stressing the importance of education against violence and conflict resolution to create strong, loving and peace loving youth to school officials.
We also ask that you pledge to involve the makers of violent toys, games and shows in this education program by supporting initiatives that encourage this cause. Given the significant impact of violent toys and games, the makers of these toys, games and shows should feel compelled to fund education in schools against violence and conflict resolution to create strong, loving and peace loving youth. Currently the makers of violent toys and video games profit from marketing on open media. The results are long term damage to the individual, family members, communities and the nation. Kids unknowingly suffer repetitive play creates unwarranted familiarity, eradicates sensitivity and eliminates the pain of death leading to acts of compulsive behaviors like suicide and homicide. Hence it is vital that special educational resources and training funded by makers of these toys and games should be made available to schools and parents.
We are signing this petition and pledging to create this change in our homes and schools first for the betterment of all our children and in turn, our community. By signing this pledge, we are demanding ourselves to take matters in our hands to end violence by addressing our children’s exposure to violence. Today, on Mother’s Day, we pledge to:
• Not support any laws that advocate the use of Guns and discourage our children to play with any violent toys or games.
• Encourage our children to collect all violent toys and dispose them off collectively. In addition, explain to the children and make them understand why! Tell our children our love for them is the same regardless of their actions and views.
• Say No to Guns. Humans love and Guns Kill. Guns cannot protect you or your family.
• Don’t purchase “anything” remotely violent for your youngster.
• Return or dispose of “anything” bought that is remotely violent.
• Turn the TV off for “anything” remotely violent.
• Encourage our children to get rid of all the violent toys.
• Stress the importance of education in schools against violence and conflict resolution
• Involve the makers of violent toys, games and shows in this education program

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