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StopBadThingsHappeningTo GoodPeopleAndInsteadMakeThemHappenToBadPeopleWho ActualyDeserveIt

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Okay so I think we can all agree (at least most of us) that bad things happen to good people and those who don't deserve it, wich is completely unfair. As someone who knows some great people with unfortunate circumstances I would like this to stop for the good of everyone. To keep the balance, because I know according to many religions and belief systems that balance is essential and bad things can't just stop but have to be transferred, bad things should instead happen to those who do deserve them. This list includes: rapists, murderers, Those Rich White Males With Too Much Political Power (especially those who look like cheetos), dictators, terrorists, people who take up the whole footpath then walk slow,  pedophiles, and the list goes on but you catch my drift. I believe that this can be achieved by the people tagged (which should be inclusive of everyone's beliefs, sorry if I missed you). So please sign this petition for the good of the world and those you love. Thank you. 

(P.S: sorry this has nothing to do with dogs, it's just that everyone (mostly, I can respect that some people don't) loves puppies) 

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