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Alice is a dedicated mother whose fitness as a parent has never been brought into question. She raised a daughter who was a consistent high honor student, revered by teachers and neighbors for her kindness, and whose natural talents in the performing arts put her on Broadway stages.  

But when Alice refused to submit her daughter, now almost 12, to a New Hampshire family court's  agenda to put her daughter in profitmaking mind control therapy to force her into a relationship with her long estranged, abusive father who admitted he doesn't have a physical legal address,  Judge Robert Foley arbitrarily awarded full custody of the girl to him. Judge Foley did so knowing the father, who told the court he spends most of his time in foreign countries and bragged about having the unique ability to bypass typical security checks for international travel,  was about to leave for Bangkok, Thailand.

Judge Foley arbitrarily awarded the terrified child to her father, whom she hasn't lived with since she was 3,  after refusing to hold any kind of evidentiary hearing in the case, applied no law, held no trial and even ordered suppressed a psychological evaluation by a child psychologist who urgently recommended against any contact between the child and her father. He said he relied on a report filed by a so-called child advocate who declared openly throughout the almost 4 year old case that evidence of child abuse "was irrelevant, that all that mattered was what the court wanted." Lynn Aaby, called a guardian ad litem or GAL, filed her report 14 month late, did not conduct any investigation nor do anything with the more than 20 sworn witness statements or a child protection service report initiated by the child's school that  she was provided detailing the father's abusive behavior. Lynn Aaby was found guilty of multiple ethical violations in 2011 in a similar case by a New Hampshire grievance committee and a lawyer and state representative filed an ethics complaint against her relative to this case. Nevertheless, the NH GAL board still renewed her license.

The Court's invented "reunification process" seeks to coerce and manipulate an abused child into believing that their protective parent put the abuse of the parent all in their minds. The price for the child is more trauma, for the court system it's big bucks...ranging from reunification camps starts that start at $45,000 a year to $200 an hour for so-called reunification therapy, the guardian ad litem, a sort of wolf-in the sheep's clothing, who also typically reaps between $100 to $200 an hour under the guise of "child advocate," but in actually is the go-between between the court and the rest of the court's handpicked "witnesses" to back up its agenda.  In this New Hampshire case, the court even handpicks a pscyhologist some two hours away that it "orders" the parents and children to see.   The end goal is to find the longstanding custodial parent guilty of "parental alienation," which of course needs more therapy and more "work" by the child advocate, in the either "pay now or pay later" scheme. 

The reckless action of  Judge Foley and Lynn Aaby has devastated the otherwise happy,  stable, life of a girl, who in spite having a high school level reading comprehension and described as extremely articulate and mature by the child psychologist, teachers, and others, was never afforded her right to have a voice in the matter.   Judge Foley and Lynn Aaby instead unbelievably self appointed themselves the authority to completely upset the mother's longstanding sole custody of her daughter in a private divorce matter.

New Hampshire officials must take actions to end the  outrageous and unconscionable actions of Judge Foley and Lynn Aaby.   Please sign our petition that demands New Hampshire Attorney Gordon Macdonald, the NH Judicial Conduct Committee, and NH Administrative Judge King take action to remove  family court Judge Robert Foley from the bench, suspend Lynn Aaby's GAL license,  and initiate an investigation into what appears to be a widespread courtroom practice by Judge Foley of using mind control therapy to promote his personal lawless agenda  while lining the pockets of his select group of court appointees that help him threaten mothers into submission with loss of custody of their kids.

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