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knowledge is the substance of pride. So many black children are growing up not knowing who they really are,without a sense of pride within themselves. This is vital to a child's upbringing to know who they are and where they came from . We were'nt just birth from the loins of salves but from a rich heritage, we are HISTORIC people and our children need to know that. I believe that our children should have a fair and equal chance in this world.Now is the time to mold our children's minds and show them what an amazing bloodline we come from. Help me Bring African studies to American class rooms and give our children a equal and fair chance.

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Bring The REAL African History to schools
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Tennessee State Senate
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Bring African Studies to American Class rooms
Let 's mold the minds of our youth by teaching them who they,Where they come from This is vital to their upbringing . WE are more than just salves,we are historical people and our story should be known,not just part and bits of our heritage and culture but all of our roots should be taught. Our children should have a equal and fair chance.

Thank you

A proud Africa american Mother and Father
Justin and Naya Hernandez