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Keep Mother 4 The Way It Is

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I am a huge Mother fan, so when I heard of a fan made Mother 4, I was incredibly excited. Skip ahead a year or two and we get an update about the game, I go to see what it is. My heart sinks as I learn that Mother 4 is no longer going to be Mother 4, but something else. They claim it is because they want to avoid a DMCA from Nintendo, even though that is technically impossible, as Shigesato Itoi owns all rights to the Mother franchise and has stated that he would like to see a fan made Mother 4. They have also been in development for many years and has garnered a huge following of people who want to see Mother 4, so it doesn't make sense to just change the game on the fly. This petition is to keep Mother 4 as Mother 4 or at the very least, release an official mod for the game that turns it into Mother 4. With the awesome remixes, PSI and PK attacks, Magicant, and yes, Mr. Saturn. So I say this representing a lot of Mother fans who want Mother 4. KEEP IN MIND, I am still going to get the game even if this petition doesn't work, I have waited too long and it still looks good.


This part was made by another Mother fan by the name of drewinator4

For all the hard work that has been put into this game, I would hate to see it become something it isn't. It's for the love of the series, and I completely understand that Nintendo has to shut down fan-made games, but if they will never touch the mother series again, it's no use to shut down a series they will never go back to. Honestly, I hope this game encourages people to play Earthbound, I know the announcement of this game did! I probably would have never played Earthbound if it wasn't for Mother 4. If this is something the developers of the game are fearing, I understand, especially after AMR2 and Pokémon, but I feel that the overall feeling of the game would be lost of Mother series aspects were taken out. There is a special vibe to Mother; the story, the music, the characters, and the battle system. I'm afraid that if these things are taken away, this might become just another JRPG, and that is not what the developers of Mother 4 wanted to make. I'm fine with changing names, but please, if you can, keep as much Mother series feeling in Mother 4 as possible.


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