Save Moss Vale Pony Club

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Moss Vale Pony Club is a supportive and inclusive environment for young riders who all share a passion for the equestrian sport and their 4 legged friends. The club has been building a sense of community within the Southern Highlands since it began to call the Moss Vale Show Grounds home in the early 1920s. Recently, however, after months of not being able to use the show grounds due to rabbit baiting, the club has been evicted. The Pony Club has been requesting a new license agreement for the past two years, but on the 21st of September, the club was notified the contract was to be terminated with 30 days notice.

This means that Moss Vale Pony Club can no longer use the facilities that the members worked hard to fundraise for and build themselves, including the clubhouse, dressage arena, utility block and storage sheds. Additionally, the members of the club hold emotional connections to the grounds, it is a place where the club has formed many happy memories over the decades of holding community events there. It will be difficult for our members to find a new place to hold such events. 

Considering that Moss Vale Pony Club is a not-for-profit organisation that solely seeks to improve the experience of young riders within the community, we hope to be able to regain access to the showgrounds and further develop the experience that our members gain. The young riders of the pony club are deeply upset by this eviction and seek the support of the local community to ask the Show Society to allow the club to reconsider access and to contribute to what is a great community asset.