Reduction of Plastic Usage at Mosman High Canteen!

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It is no secret that the amount of plastic used by the general population is damaging our planet. These are facts everyone knows i.e. each minute the equivalent of a truckload of plastic is dumped into our oceans, and even when disposed of properly (unless recycled) plastic is sent to landfill which then slowly poisons the soil. We are aiming to reduce Mosman Highs plastic usage by petitioning for paper swap outs at the canteen. For example, paper straws over plastic straws, paper sandwich containers and cardboard containers for hot meals (like the ones pictured above), all of which will be sourced from sustainable farms. Additionally, special deals like 25 cents of when using a keep cup and 15 cents off when not using a straw. A signature for this petition will show Mosman Highs unity in wanting to change a small thing for the greater good. If we get enough signatures, we will take this to the owners of our school canteen and negotiate to eliminate as much unnecessary plastic as possible. Already today after just one hour of getting signatures at lunchtime, we have already collected over 100 signatures, it clearly is something that our school cares about. Thanks!

Chloe Done, Brooke Bethell, Scarlett Fairfull, Lulu Gammon