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To reduce the waste on plastic

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I would like to reduce this waste on plastic. There have been billions of plastic on our beaches , in our environment and etc . There are many types of plastic such as micro beads and micro plastic . These are the most common type of plastics found in our beaches, in the fish we eat , in face scrubs and body lotions. Theses things are a big impact on the environment that we live in. By throwing away the plastic that we use on a day to day basis it takes up 400 years to degrate. Only 12% of this plastic gets incinerated ( to burn ).

This causes harm to the wildlife. For example a mother bird has to catch for her young. She catches a fish and eats it but little did she know that fish was filled with micro plastics and other harmful plastic. Sooner or later that young bird will digest this fish and later die.What would you do to stop this? I would love to stop this but I need your help . Remember to use environmental bags. SO LETS STRIVE AND SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT !  

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