Help end suffering for migrants and their children

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Millions of migrants from Pakistan, Africa, India, Bangladesh and a few from Syria are suffering. Finding food becomes a daily struggle, they’re kicked out of their makeshift housing by government officials, they’re in danger of rape, brutal beatings and other Islamic practices. Turned away from every European country they pass through these people are alive but they’re not living. Help us to end their suffering. 

From as little as £5 we can humanely euthanise these people and their offspring. No more hunger pains, no more moving from tent to tent, no more unwanted pregnancies as a result of living so close to Muslim men. 

Just as we wouldn’t allow our beloved pets to live in these conditions we shouldn’t allow migrants and their children to exist, in these conditions. Putting Mr. Snuffles to sleep broke my heart but I know he’s in a much better place now, let’s give migrants and their spawn that option too.