Say NO to Moscow Mills multi-family residential rezoning!

Say NO to Moscow Mills multi-family residential rezoning!

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Moscow Mills planning and zoning board

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Started by Brittany George

The City of Moscow Mills has posted notices for Public Hearings to re-zone the property between Briarwood Estates and Crooked Creek from two-family residential to R-3 Multiple Family Residential as a developer has submitted plans for an 100+ unit  Apartment/townhome Complex to be squished into this (already flooding) area.

This is directly off of Hampel Road, so the children of this complex would attend William Cappel Elementary, which is already at or over capacity (see the trailers they are adding outside.)

Our schools are not equipped to take on any more children as they are already having transportation staffing issues and have mentioned that they may need to cut out busses for children living within 3 miles of the school. 

Hampel is a danger zone as it is with speeders and congestion especially during drop off and pick up for school. There are also no sidewalks to accommodate children possibly needing to walk to school. 

The bridge going over Crooked Creek was finally repaired earlier this year and it's already showing wear and tear. The damage from oversized construction equipment going in and out of this potential development could be catostrophic.

Next, the water issues we already face from Crooked Creek and the poorly developed water drainage system in Briarwood Estates ... water has covered Hampel Road from Crooked Creek overflowing mutiple times this year. Making changes to this area surrounding the creek is going to worsen our already poor drainage conditions. Many of our neighbors along with this property experience flooding with 2 inches of rain or less. 

The lift station that currently serves our subdivision is serviced constantly by the City of Moscow Mills as they have stated that is not able to keep up most of the time.

Crime in our tight-knit community is low, which is good because we rarely need the underpaid and overworked Moscow Mills Police Department. Adding yet another low-income, 100+ residence apartment complex to their jurisdiction will inundate this small agency with calls for service. I'm unable to provide statistical data comparing the subdivisons with the apartment complexes as the crime mapping only shows calls for service for the county Sheriff's Department and not the Moscow Mills Police Department but I've been told it's a work in progress. (

Adding more low-income housing is only going to lower the values of all of our homes, as well as hinder growth of businesses. 

We NEED all of the residents of Moscow Mills to voice their opinions on this, not just the residents of the Briarwood Subdivision. If you live in the City of Moscow Mills, you will eventually be affected negatively by this impending development.

Voice your opinions on MONDAY, JANUARY 3 at 6:00 P.M. at The Moscow Mills City Hall 995 Main Street, Moscow Mills, MO 63362.

547 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!