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Daily Price Revision of Petroleum an unplanned step hitting livlihood of low volume Dlrs.

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Daily Price Revision of Petroleum Product across the country. Interest of low volume dealers on stake

Dear Sh. Pradhan,

   This is in reference to daily price revision of petroleum products across the country. The inputs been taken from pilot project and safeguaring the interest of low volume dealership across.

Further its been declared by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd today, that from 16th June 2017, the daily price revision of petroleum products across the country will be initiated. We as Low Voulme throughput dealership put across few concerns and questions, hope so will be answered and considered.

1. Daily price revision is been initiated and tested under pilot project in 5 cities across, what was the input been shared by the dealership in reference to this project, should be made available for all.

2. Daily price revision will again be a nightmare for low throughput dealership across the country, which are higher in numbers and they will further loose the capital on daily basis and making it hard to compete in competitive markets ahead. What steps has been ensured to safeguard the interest of such higher percentage low volume dealership by the OMCs?

3. Daily price revision was been initiated at ROs across 5 cities which were automated and price change took place during mid night, without any human involvement, now its a fact that many ROs across the country are not automated and it will create a chaos among the dealership and general public. What steps have been planned to overcome such and educate an rural customers and further ease of doing business?

4. Daily price revision will lead to an enormous capital loss to dealership across, who will be responsible for NPA if dealership looses to such an extend and what are the steps been taken to support and overcome such situation?

5. Daily price revision is been on international standards and policies are different as compared to complex and much non adhered laid norms within our country. What's the input been taken on that grounds, knowing that its a open market/trade there?

6. OMCs till date are not been able to provide compliance to basics and even adequate quantities as per invoice, what steps and planning is been done in same lines?

We appreciate the step but not an half baked step, which is further going to hurt the interest of low volume dealership, who's livlihood is already on stake by ignorance of OMCs since last 7yrs and various other's.

Would request to call a meeting of stake holders on same and ensure as to how the interest and business of low volume dealership will be protected, least the things go out of hand and faternity suffers from such decision taken in a hurry.

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