Morrisons: Stop funding the destruction of the Amazon rainforest!

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The Amazon rainforest, often called “the lungs of the world,” is in serious danger. New satellite data shows that an area of forest the size of a football pitch is now being cleared every single minute. We must do everything we can to save the Amazon, which is why I’m calling for Morrisons to urgently stop sourcing beef from JBS - a company that is illegally chopping down trees in Brazil. 

I’m 19 and I want to make sure precious rainforests are around for the next generation. I’m worried that if we do not take urgent action to preserve our rainforests that we’ll do irreversible damage to our planet. 

According to the WWF, the Earth loses 18.7million acres of forest every year. This needs to stop. When I found out that Morrisons uses JBS beef for its own brand products as well as stocking items such as Prince’s Corned Beef that contain JBS beef, I couldn’t believe it. How could the supermarket where I shop be funding the destruction of the Amazon?

JBS is the world’s biggest meat packing company and the single biggest supplier of beef, chicken and leather globally. In 2018, 14 percent of the total cattle they purchased that year, near the Amazon, were found to have come from illegally deforested areas.

If enough of us in the UK, customers of Morrisons and people who are concerned for the future of the planet, sign this petition, then they will have to listen.

Together we can make a real difference and preserve the rainforests for wildlife and future generations.

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