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Take back taxpayer money provided to the Evangelist Bob Holmes

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The people in charge of various public institutions have a duty to ensure that civil liberties are preserved. Yucca Valley High School invited and paid Evangelist Bob Holmes to come speak at a school assembly where students were mandated to attend. The Evangelist Bob Holmes did promote religion at the end of his performance in violation of the separation of church and state. Since this event, Yucca Valley High School has apologized for Bob Holmes behavior but we believe that they knew exactly who Bob Holmes was and are only apologizing to cover their liabilities. We think the appropriate action is to make Bob Holmes give back the money provided to him by the school and for the school to be held accountable for their supposed oversight. It is beyond reprehensible that the school officials didn't google Evangelist Bob Holmes or watch Youtube videos that show him proselytizing. Religion is divisive and that is the reason why our forefathers found it fit to create the Establishment Clause. We need to ensure that every violation of the establishment clause is properly put on notice and that further violations by tax payer funded public institutions is not encouraged or allowed.

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