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Open MUSD Indoor Sports

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Sara Mills started this petition to Morongo Unified School District Board of Education Members

 We, the players, families and friends of indoor sports teams in the Morongo Basin, call on the Morongo Unified School District to approve indoor sports being allowed to begin practicing and playing games indoors.

All California schools have been given permission for indoor high school sports to resume. A majority of other schools in the state, our county, and even in our league have already begun practicing and playing games indoors. This includes numerous schools in the Coachella Valley.

Safety protocols have been established and will be strictly followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This includes masks, limited fans, and free COVID testing for all players and staff.

As a senior at Yucca Valley High School, this is my last year and last chance to play with my high school teammates I’ve grown up with. A feeling that I’m sure is shared by my fellow senior class members at 29 Palms High School.

Both the Yucca Valley and 29 Palms girls basketball teams along with the 29 Palms boys basketball team made it to the CIF playoffs last year and all three placed either first or second in the Desert Valley League. If we are given a season this year, these teams have a good chance to make it even further in the CIF playoffs and possibly even to the state playoffs.

The rivalry games between these schools are always exciting events for the whole Morongo Basin and celebrating the accomplishments of all the teams and their players brings the Basin together in pride for both schools.

For our Morongo Basin teams to have a chance to qualify for the playoffs, which CIF is planning on having, we need to begin practicing and playing immediately! The school board needs to act urgently so we can get on the same timeline as the schools we compete against or we will be left behind as other teams in our area qualify for the playoffs.

I ask that you please give us what we’ve all worked so hard for. I request that you sign this petition to support your student/athletes, their mental and physical well being and not let the Morongo Unified School District prevent us from having our season slip away from us!

Thank you, 

Sara Mills
Yucca Valley Girls Basketball 
Class of 2021 


This petition made change with 729 supporters!

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