Open Morocco's borders for tourism!

Open Morocco's borders for tourism!

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Started by Open Morocco

If the Moroccan government does not hear the voice of local guides, who make a living from tourism, then Moroccan government will hear the voice of the international community of tourists who want Morocco to open its borders for travel.


Although the entire planet is facing the SARS COV19 pandemic, of all the countries that are favorite tourist destinations, Morocco is the only country that has closed borders for foreign travelers.

In Africa: Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya; in Europe: France, Spain, Austria, Italy; in Asia: Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan; in North America: United States and Canada; In South America: Mexico, Argentina, Brasilia, Peru – are continiously receiving tourists.


Tourism is a key sector in the Moroccan economy, contributing 15% to the national wealth. Tourism, with exports and remittances from Moroccans abroad, is the most important source of foreign currency for the country, as well as the second most important provider of job opportunities.

Talking about the job opportunities, the horeca staff, but especially the Moroccan guides (both mountain and those licensed for the historic cities), worked in two years of pandemic only three months (September - November 2020).

Everything they have managed to build in the tourism industry and in their lives, as well as the prosperity of the community in which they have lived for the last 10-15 years, has been slowly lost. Most ended up selling their goods and properties to feed their families, where they did not fall apart due to shortcomings.

The closure of the borders on November 29, 2020 for a month, then extended for another month - threw Morocco's tourism into the biggest slump so far, adding to the impoverishment of tourism employees the last piece: shaking the confidence of foreign tourists in Moroccan tourism.

The community of local employees in Morocco is not heard by the government in Rabat. The tourist community around the world can put pressure to support tourism and open Morocco's borders, starting with February 1, 2022.

In 2022, there is no reason for Morocco's borders to be closed to foreign tourists: the existence of tests for COVID and vaccines to combat COVID provide a sufficient guarantee that the virus will not spread through tourists, who can test their health before entering Morocco.


Therefore, I agree and sign this petition for:

- Opening the borders of Morocco, for holidays, exploring and business trips;

- Keeping the borders open, in order to restore the safety and stability of the tourism environment in Morocco;

- Supporting tourism in Morocco through state policies, in order to lift the employees from this sector out of poverty.

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158 have signed. Let’s get to 200!