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Ask the Moroccan Minister of Education to stop

To ask the Minister of National Education of Morocco .. cancel the point of excellence, which entitles students to pass the game to accept school teachers .. there are a large number of students , their applications and become a victim of unemployment and marginalization...

Therefore, students, teachers and frameworks educational beaten and responding to violations of the minister .. but hands hiddenhelp him to stay as Minister whatever the matter, this is promotedwithin the community of Moroccan society, and is well known thatin all countries, questions, dialogue and convincing answers, but despite writing to newspapers and media outlets, however There is nothing new, and this means that the Minister of the chair now,

Finally, likes to solve the new minister, starting from the current school year, and to hold the former minister on the causes ofstrikes, and impossible conditions against the students to accessschools, teachers and the issue of selection first, and the financial waste of educational institutions, and the failure of the integration process, and the absence of Mr. Leader some cities ..
Please ask the minister to stop foul against students and professors?

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  • Moroccan Prime Minister / UNESCO / U.S. Ambassador in Morocco

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