Revert the new Mornington Secondary College school start & end times back to the old ones

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2018 was a review year for the Department of Education, and Mornington Secondary College has been noted as not having enough teaching time. In light of this comment, Mornington Secondary College has decided to lengthen the school day by five minutes in the morning and fifteen in the afternoon instead of simply decreasing recess/lunch times appropriately.

We currently don't have a schedule for how the day will run next year with the extended day, but here is a potential version of next year's timetable:
8:50am: Homegroup (12 minutes)
9:07am: Period 1 (71 minutes)
10:23am: Period 2 (71 minutes)
11:34am: Recess (20 minutes)
11:59am: Period 3 (71 minutes)
1:10pm: Lunch (49 minutes)
2:04pm: Period 4 (71 minutes)
3:15pm: Home

As you can see recess and lunch times most likely will not increase despite the extra time. These simple twenty minutes of extra school time has absolutely obliterated many people's schedules. The later end time will now prevent students from accessing many of the public buses, approximately twelve bus stops, which will significantly prohibit students from getting home/to work on time. Several of my friends have already had to contact their employers to alert them to the change and their inability to work their current shifts.

This is very disappointing as Mornington Secondary College used to be a school which put the students first and did everything in the best interest for them. This change directly conflicts with the school's values. MSC does a great job at helping pupils find their pathway and career options, but this feels like a step backwards. As a community, we don't have the ability anymore to pursue our jobs and gain independence - which is what high school should be all about, preparing us to go into the real world. 

This change doesn't just affect the students but the entire population. Families of both students and staff members will have to adjust to less time together, employers will have to reschedule entire work days to accommodate this new change and the wider community will need to adapt to the this error.

My good friend Xavier Rodrigues has proposed this as the new structure for a school day:
"8:50: Homegroup (10 minutes)
9:05: Period 1 (57 minutes)
10:07: Period 2 (57 minutes)
11:04: Recess (15 minutes)
11:24am: Period 3 (57 minutes)
12:26pm: Period 4 (57 minutes)
1:23pm: Lunch (30 minutes)
1:58pm: Period 5 (57 minutes)
2:55pm: Home
More teaching time (by cutting out five minutes from recess, nineteen minutes from lunch and two minutes from homegroup) but still fits into the current 6 hour 5 minute period, meaning minimal impact on students.
Retains the five subjects a week structure, but you have all 5 subjects on one day. Also gives flexibility for a sixth subject (great for VCE students)
Under 4x66 periods a day: 264 minutes of teaching per week per subject.
Under 5x57 periods a day: 285 minutes of teaching per week per subject. (21 minutes more)
Ends slightly earlier, especially important for the many people catching the 788 public bus at 3:02pm.

Or even:
11am: Homegroup
11:15am: Period 1 (1 hour 11 minutes)
12:31pm: Period 2 (1 hour 11 minutes)
1:42pm: Lunch (45 minutes)
2:02pm: Period 3 (1 hour 11 minutes)
3:18: Period 4 (1 hour 11 minutes)
4:29pm: Home

Increases teaching time by 20 minutes a day but shortens the school day by 36 minutes.
Also allows for longer sleep ins (great for getting the most out of teenagers)."

I don't want to have to do this, I don't want there to be outrage, but we all need to step up because this is wrong. We need to get together to restore the Mornington Secondary College which truly cared about its students and supported the families. We would all appreciate and accept if recess and lunch were cut shorter than they are to allow the start and end times to remain the same.