Save Angus and Rose and Rose Gardens at the Briars from being bulldozed for a carpark

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Angus and Rose and the Rose Gardens at the Briars are an incredibly special place to many local residents of all ages as well as visitors. The Little Gardeners program, ACP programs with schools and children's parties play a particularly important role to children. It is also a quiet calm sanctuary for morning and afternoon tea to various local charities and bursing homes. Angus and Rose is a place of nurturing, connecting with nature and learning, but it is also a place of peace, a safe place. This peace and safety outside the bounds of normal commerical, busy environs is criticial to its success. We understand current plans are to relocate the Angus and Rose "experience" to another location. Our argument is that the "experience" of the Angus and Rose is integral to place, and could not be recreated elsewhere. This place - the building, grounds and gardens,  is sacred to many and should be preserved at all costs. And not bulldozed to make way for a carpark!

**(Please note, no decisions have yet been made, Angus and Rose is still very much open for business and would welcome your patronage!)**