Improve mountain bike & bmx facilities for kids in the Mornington Peninsula

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Why is creating bike recreation areas in our parks a good idea?

1. It gets kids physically active.

Riding bikes gets kids up and moving, which improves the overall health and wellbeing of any child. They also encourage the development of basic skills like coordination, balance and strength. While we've all been home and restricted to our 5kms in Melbourne Metro during 2020 isn't it great our kids have this outlet - both for their physical health and mental health?

2. It combines Athleticism and Creativity

Most people think of sport as athletic and art/music as creative. But these kids are doing both. With bike riding and creating dirt jumps these kids have no rules and no set way to do things. They create their own style, invent a trick, plan out a set of ramps at different intervals and heights – real life application of skills taught in Maths and PE at school!

3. It builds self confidence.

Trying a trick, working on it relentlessly, and eventually landing it is a great feeling. It's an accomplishment and helps kids develop faith in their own ability. The development is as clear as day - last week I couldn’t do that, now I can.  Along with this, it teaches persistence.

4. It teaches calculated risk.

Like any sport, there are risks involved.  But with bmx/mountain biking the risks are largely within the control of the participant. You learn to start small and work your way up to things. Bit by bit, your skill set grows, and so does your tolerance for risk.

5. You’ll meet great people and make friends for life!

These bike ramps in our parks are social places. People like to hang out there, they like to see others progress and everyone gets stoked on each others riding.  Teens can use the bike facilities while smaller children are using the playground facilities – this application makes our parks and open spaces MORE user friendly, not less.

6. It's FUN!

Overall, riding, skating or scootering is great FUN.  And who doesn't want to get out and have more fun in their day!  Maybe the parents can give it a go too... no such thing as an age limit…