Reinstate access to Horses and Riders to Oliver’s Creek Bushland Reserve in Tyabb.

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As a Tyabb resident and horse owner I have been exercising my horse in the Oliver’s Creek Bushland Reserve for a number of years... more recently enjoying this activity with my 4yo daughter and her Shetland pony too!

On Sunday 5/7/2020 I was shocked to see new signs installed inside the cavaletti entrance to the reserve and to learn of the Mornington Peninsula Shires decision to ban horses without consultation and or explanation. 
I immediately emailed the shire and was advised they have been banned due to the presence Cinnamon Fungus in the reserve.
I am well aware of the presence of Cinnamon Fungus in Oliver’s Creek Bushland Reserve , there are signs placed at each entrance explaining the fungus, it’s causes and prevention measures. The signs state that bikes, pedestrians and horse hooves are all perceived vectors of transmission of the fungus.
I understand also the affect it has on trees in the reserve, what I do not understand or accept is the Shires decision to ban horses and only horses without consultation and or explanation.
It is not logical or reasonable to ban horses for the reason of the transmission of the Cinnamon Fungus.
If you look at the nature of a horses hoof vs bike tyre tread or that of a running shoe a horses hoof is smoothe and relatively flat underneath and due to the percussive nature and impact of the hoof on the ground with a horses stride most debris would be knocked loose within a matter of meters, a bike tyre or running shoe on the other hand is nobby with deep grooves allowing dirt and debris to become trapped, and the far more gentle impact with the ground allows the debris to remain trapped over a much greater distance, then add to that the bike or shoes being transported home or to another location outside of our own municipality and the spores are spread much further.

I am not by any means proposing a ban on bikes or pedestrians into the reserve, it serves no one and no cause to ban one particular demographic when others are considered to be just as likely or even more so to spread the Cinnamon Fungus.

I ask that the signs be removed and horses and their riders be allowed to exercise and enjoy the safety and beauty of the Oliver’s Creek Bushland Reserve, as Tyabb locals have been doing for 50 plus years!

Please sign the petition even if you are not directly impacted by the ban on horses, consider it a service to the Mornington Peninsula community and the rural/ equine centric lifestyle many of us enjoy. 

If we allow this reserve to be closed, Greens Bush trail in Arthur’s Seat, Willow Lodge trail in Somerville and The Boundary Trail at Devilbend, Tuerong could all be closed for similar environmental reasons, not to mention the Red Hill -Merricks trail if someone was to complain they felt unsafe with the mix of horses, dogs, bikes and children... we all know which trail users would be the first to be banned!!  

you can also email                        to further express your concerns 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your day to be heard!

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