Safer pedestrian passage across Pt Nepean Road to access the beaches!

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We live 50 metres walking distance from the beach at Tootgarook. But to cross Point Nepean Rd safely with our 4 children and my elderly mother-in-law, we either have to walk approximately 1 kilometre (to cross at the nearest Pedestrian Traffic lights at Carmichael St, Tootgarook) or we have to drive 40 metres, which is ridiculous.  And forget about taking the Stand Up Paddle Board or beach umbrella – there are simply no breaks in traffic to cross safely, and it’s just impossible in the summer.

We are not alone. From McRae to Sorrento, Point Nepean Road is a nightmare to cross as a pedestrian.

 With notable increased traffic flow in both directions over recent years for a number of reasons including the opening of Eastlink and the growing Peninsula population, on many occasions, particularly during the ‘peak’ season November – April, with very limited breaks in the fast-moving traffic, it is virtually impossible to cross the road safely.

 I am calling on VicRoads and the Mornington Peninsula Council to act on this matter urgently, by implementing more pedestrian crossings (which slow down traffic flow and create natural breaks in the traffic), or by creating more pedestrian refuges so that local residents and visitors alike (many of whom also have young families with small children and the elderly) can cross Point Nepean Road and access the beaches in relative safety, without fear of being hit by traffic in both directions.

 To date, despite numerous letters and phone calls (since December 2012) to Mornington Peninsula Council and VicRoads, it appears that they have given very little consideration to a pedestrian safety plan.

What will it take to make access to the beach safer for pedestrians? An accident, a death?