Fire Morning News Editor Don Kausler Jr.

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On Thursday, June 11, 2020 in the OPINION section of the local Florence, SC newspaper "Morning News", the following dialogue took place within a comic strip. A black caricature says to a white caricature, "Kneel to show your support for Black Lives Matter." The white caricature responds, "Does this apply to the black lives taken by abortion?". The black caricature then responds, "Never mind." as he walks away.

This is a prime example of the racist rhetoric, imagery, and stereotypes African American people have had to deal with for far too long. Although an apology was issued, we are demanding direct action.

Editor of the Morning News newspaper Don Kausler Jr. admitted via Facebook, he gave the proverbial green-light for this offensive, despicable content to be published. We are demanding his immediate resignation from his role/position within the Morning News organization, as well as the unnamed co-conspirator who green-lit this racially charged content during this extremely sensitive time in our nation.