Year 11 students being able to drive to school

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Currently, year 11 Moriah College students are not permitted to drive to school due to a policy of the College. The school justifies this rule by claiming they have an agreement with the local residents/DA which states that year 11 students will not drive to school as they are allegedly parking in residential areas. Whilst this is true, the resident's concern (which brought about the agreement) only involves students parking in their streets, not driving to school. However, parking elsewhere (outside the residential areas) is perfectly reasonable as it will not affect anyone. Driving to school and parking in non-residential areas will benefit us, the students, who want to be able to drive to school in order to make our lives easier. Parents lives will also be more convenient as they will no longer need to provide lifts. So, please sign this petition and spread the word so we can have this rule abolished. We need as many signatures as we can get.

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