Stop the Indio Behavioral Health Hospital current location

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A large, private health company wants to build a 120 bed Acute Psychiatric facility directly across the street from residential neighborhoods. 

There is no question that there is a large need for such a facility in the area, let alone the state, but does it need to be directly across the street from families and retirees?  Similar facilities are located within commercial areas, government spaces, or with buffer space between them and residences, why does this one have to be within spitting distance to homes.

Acadia Healthcare is looking for a variance from the City of Indio to change the zoning so that they can build an inpatient community care center within 30 feet of family homes.  We are trying to let the Planning Commission know that it is too close to children and the elderly, that this facility should be built elsewhere in the city.  We are deeply concerned that if someone was to get out, or be discharged early/improperly that they will end up on someone's front lawn or backyard or inside their home having an episode of some kind.

Please help us show the Indio City Planning Commission that having such a facility so close to residential property is not what is best for the patients or the neighbors.

Thank you!