Give Morgan State Students passing grades for this semester

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Bry Willis
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We are aware that this pandemic crisis has had a great impact on everyone's lives, students, staff, and loved ones. We are aware that these changes have been emotional for most and we are advocating that Morgan State University authorizes a pass/fail grading policy.

Students have been laid off from their employment due to this epidemic. All non-essential businesses have been closed until further notice. We have students who are facing challenges with homelessness, learning disabilities, lack of essential resources, and financial disparities. 

Many students have been forced to move back to their hometowns due to the severity of the COVID-19 virus where they do not have access to laptops, wifi, or even a quiet space to be productive. Xfinity is allowing people to use their free wifi without having an account but this allows hackers to get into their personal information (bank cards/accounts and social security numbers), as well as client information for seniors, who are active in their internship placements. In addition, We find that the wifi does not work depending on your location/area. The public library is not an option because all non-essential businesses have been closed indefinitely until further notice.

We have been educating ourselves on other Universities' decisions for their students. Universities such as Carnegie Mellon University and Georgetown University have asked their students to vote on the implementation of a pass/fail grading policy to accommodate the new and unusual circumstances that students are facing. Students from other Universities are given the opportunity to opt-in to having their course(s) counted for graduation credit, they can learn without the worry of GPA decreases. Universities like the University of Maryland and Salisbury University are allowing their students to keep online training to obtain internship hours for seniors who are required to meet a specific limit.

We are also looking out for the professor's best interest. There are professors at the university that have children and parents with pre-existing conditions (asthma, diabetes, lung disease, etc) who are at high risk of hospitalization and/or death due to COVID-19. To make them worry about a global pandemic that has already taken thousands of lives globally and grading ample student assignments is inconsiderate to their circumstances.

Please read the reasons why students are signing this petition. We are advocating for ourselves and we can’t make these changes alone. We ask that Morgan State University stands with their students and their success.