Keep Our Community Safe - Pedestrian crossing for local Children's Centre.

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Pascoe Vale Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten is a buzzing hub of activity - every day we have as many as 50 staff who are involved in the care and education of 170 children from around 250 families within the local area.

At Pascoe Vale Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten we are serving the needs of our families 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, all year round. Being located directly on busy Cumberland Rd, we are subject to quite a lot of traffic, especially in the peak hours of the day and much of this traffic consists of trucks and large transport vehicles. The speed limit on Cumberland Rd is 60 kmph and the driveway between Cumberland Rd and the car park of our service is an increasingly concerning traffic hazard.

The current conditions mean that people exiting the driveway have little to no clear view of the oncoming traffic from either direction and are often forced to pull out onto Cumberland without clear sight of the road- there have been many near misses and minor incidences and these happen on a weekly basis. Daily, horns can be heard as people unknowingly exit onto Cumberland Rd into oncoming traffic.

In 2015 there was a more serious accident in which one of our teachers was involved. She was impacted side on by an oncoming car and there were an additional 2 cars damaged in the accident, an ambulance attended the scene to treat the drivers involved and the police and the fire department to make the area safe.

Our growing concern is that the children and families of our community are at risk each and every day- this is a serious accident waiting to happen. We do not want to wait for tragedy to strike before something is changed. 

We hope to have the area made safer by the implementation of clearly defined car parking spaces, no standing zones either side of the driveway, reduce speed limit in that section of road, a traffic mirror to view the road, and most ideally a pedestrian crossing with controlled traffic lights which allows the safe crossing of children as well as creating opportunities for cars to safely enter the road.