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Morehead State University Head Coach Sean Woods: Fire Morehead State University Head Coach Sean Woods

To stop coaches, including Sean Woods, from physically and mentally abusing young-athletics in Universities.

Letter to
Director Athletics Brian Allen Hutchinson
On Wednesday, November 21, 2012, Sean Lavell Woods, Head Coach of Morehead State University, who was born on March 29, 1970 and who resides at 885 Winding Oak Trail in Lexington, Kentucky, engaged in a physical and verbal tirade against Devon Atkinson, a Morehead State University student, in Wednesday’s game vs. Kentucky simply because Mr. Atkinson fouled out with 5:54 left in the game.

Mr. Woods got in Devon’s face and started yelling and screaming at Devon as if he was a dog. But Mr. Wood’s didn’t stop there but as Devon walked back to the bench, Mr. Woods deliberately pushed Devon in the back which, in and of itself, was a physical assault against a University student. The entire incident was televised and the whole world saw it, and was a complete embarrassment to both Devon and Morehead State University.

This type of behavior and confrontation reflects adversely on the University because Mr. Woods is an agent and representative of the University and his actions violates the type of conduct that Morehead State University should not condone nor take lightly. Indeed, Mr. Woods has displayed a persistent pattern of this type of inappropriate conduct because it has happened on similar occasions in the past and he needs to not only be restrained but he needs to be dismissed or this could turn into yet another Sandusky episode of abuse of students. No student at any University should be subject to either physical or mental abuse by a University staff member because, after all, this is a higher learning.
Accordingly, nothing short of firing Sean Woods would suffice because his patterned conduct is unbecoming and reflects adversely on Morehead State University.

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