Repeal Moreau's Impending Uniform Policy

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In a world where we are pressured to become what society wants, we all need an outlet for our creativity and an expression of ourselves. For a long time, that outlet could be Moreau, within certain reasonable bounds, but with this new strict dress code change, that reality becomes a dream once again. For over a century, politicians have attempted to spread the lie that uniforms "help schools" and "increase academics," however I challenge anyone with this opinion to produce proof. There have been no peer-reviewed studies proving uniforms do anything, in fact, on the contrary.  A 1998 study by David L. Brunsma and Kerry A. Rockquemore found "The findings indicate that student uniforms have no direct effect on substance use, behavioral problems, or attendance. Contrary to current discourse, the authors found a negative effect of uniforms on student academic achievement." This opinion has been bolstered by studies by Ryan Leung in 2009, Pamela S. Norum, Robert O. Weagley, and Marjorie J Norton, just to name a few. The freedom of expression being seized isn't even the most atrocious aspect of the new policy. The worst of it all is the price gouging. The school is forcing students to pay them two to three times the price of a normal jacket or polo, or else they get punished. In social studies classes, we have ALWAYS looked at freedom and the free market as an amazing, beautiful creation of free will of man, the gift God gave us. But it is becoming increasingly clear it is just a facade. In the open, the school preaches free expression, free will, freedom of speech, but behind the school doors that is evidently not true. In the survey sent out to all students, teachers, and parents, no majority supported an increase dress code. This isn't a free democracy, this is an autocracy.

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