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More Warnings and Education about Dangerous Medications in Australia

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We want clearer warnings on all dangerous medications and mental health websites in Australia. We want more education on all dangerous medications in Australia. ACCC Complaint: 1991604


The TGA has now backed down on considering ways to educate Doctors better to reach the public about the dangers of antidepressants.

To the Minister of Health Sussan Ley, TGA, AHPRA, ACCC and various pharmaceutical companies, Beyond Blue and Sane.

I spoke to the TGA early June 2016, regarding concerns that most Doctors are still not telling their patients and loved ones about the dangers of antidepressants, and other medications. This feedback came from friends, family and the Australian Antidepressants Class Action facebook page.

I also spoke about the false advertising on antidepressants, regarding discontinuation syndrome. Most people have also stated that antidepressants are addictive and they are very very difficult to stop taking, some people up to a year or more, and some people have permanent damage. 

So why can pharmaceutical companies and mental health fronts continue to advertise that these medications aren't addictive and safe, when in fact they can be very dangerous especially to children and pregnant women. This is misleading and false advertising, the TGA stated that they would consider ways to educate Doctors better about letting patients, and the public know about the dangers of antidepressants. The Australian Antidepressants Class action facebook page is waiting on your response. Many Australian medications have the strictest warning, a black box warning (Boxed warning) Most Australians still don't know about this warning. We need more education and warnings!

Let me bring to your attention some internal emails, many people in Australia have been harmed by this antidepressant, Aropax. (Seroxat)

The public should know that all antidepressants, antipsychcotics, champix, singulair and many other medications, can possibly cause suicide, homicide, violence and other serious adverse effects, some are very difficult to stop taking. Also off label prescribing is causing a lot of problems and sometimes death, this also needs to be addressed. Most dangerous medications now don't have the product safety information in the boxes anymore. If Doctors, Pharmacists and the mental health fronts such as Beyond Blue, Sane, Black Dog Institute and Lifeline aren't also advertising or mentioning the dangers, how are the Australian people meant to know.  No wonder the suicide rate is rising.

This is clearly putting lives and loved ones at risk, there needs to be more education and a clear warning on the inside and outside of all dangerous medications, like they have for cigarette packets. The information given out should be made mandatory, before someone starts a new dangerous medication, and loved ones should be informed to watch for any changes. In May and June 2016, media stated that Prozac was the safest antidepressant choice for children, this medication has also had many adverse effects reports, and is also putting young lives at risk. Reference from a FDA hearing 1991. Stop the false media!  

December 2004:
The TGA published an Adverse Drug Reactions Bulletin recommending that any use of SSRIs in children and adolescents should be carefully monitored for the emergence of suicidal ideation. In a recent study involving Prozac, it said, there was an increase in adverse psychiatric events acts and ideation thoughts of suicide, self-harm, aggression, violence.

So why is Prozac the safest choice? Ban the use of antidepressants and antipsychcotics in children and under 18's. The USA has warnings for 24 years and under, why not Australia?

The thought of a young child on these volatile medications going through psychosis and hallucinating is horrific! No wonder some of them sadly take their lives. How would a young child even know about suicide, unless it was prescribed for them.

We are Aussie volunteers creating awareness about the dangers of antidepressants and other medications, there is a Class action for children that have been harmed by antidepressants already. We are crowd funding to make this a reality.

Its seems many Departments are not looking after the Australian people, we are trying our best to reach every Australian.

The suicide rate is rising and none of these issues are ever addressed.

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