More protection for people living in and around Canada Water,Uk

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Day to day increase crimes like snatching of personal stuff, stealing, car or home break through etc in park, roads, streets in our neighbourhood, in broad daylight, or any time of the day. Stabbing, snatching, slashing body parts...what’s going on?


Need to provide jobs and education or rehabilitation to people behind this. Catch hold of them, making sure the youth is guided before it is too late. Making tough for police, people, council living here. Need more vigilance, support for council and police. We will appreciate before it gets out of hand or highly unsafe as there is no end to greed ever. We want it to be a safe neighbourhood as it was always been. So our family, neighbourhood our kids are protected and stay safe. Feeling of coming back home or going out safe and sound at anytime of the day to our family is what we want.

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