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More parking for Sunbury residents NOW

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Sunbury residents need more parking Now. It is that simple, 

Sunbury residents are being deprived and ignored, yet Hume city Counncil are happy to receive our money that we pay Them as rates,

We as a community have had enough and we demand parking NOW.

Hume city council, Sunbury needs a new town car park so dont be passing the buck to PTV who have responsiblity for commuter parking only and this petition is for both parking throughout the entire town and also at the Train station.

Yes our bins get collected and our grass is kept short but so is every other towns, these are basic requirements for any town not a special privilage.

Local businesses are also suffering and a steady congestion due to the needless driving around in search of a parking space see's shoppers going elsewhere for their needs.

You have 2 years worth of Sunbury rates where nothing was put back into Sunbury during the Sunbury out of Hume movement.

No more excuses especially for commuters as driving to Diggers rest station is not a valid solution as their parking spaces will soon be filled up with all the new housing that is being built there,

in 2008 the Hume city councils Sunbury town centre plan had addressed how bad the parking was and had written it as a key problem that needed fixing. It is now 2017, nine years on and nothing has been done and it has only gotten a lot worse, problems just dont go away .

With that said Public Transport Victoria you are not off the hook either. You are happy to pack as many commuters into a train carraige standing all the way home and charging them a nice fee for that pleasure yet you dont provide adequate parking spaces for these commuters, enough is enough you have a huge roll to play in this also.

May I please ask you to sign our communitys petition and help make a difference 


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