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I am one of the 73% of Canadians with Spina Bifida that also have a Latex allergy. My specific Latex allergy is severe. I go into Anaphylaxis. While admitted to Grandriver hospital last February doctors used lLatex gloves while inserting a Central Line despite several “Severe Latex Allergy ANAPHYLAXIS signs posted all around the room,I had an allergic Anaphylactic reaction. I went into severe respiratory distress my throat was swollen therefore they couldn’t intubate me and had to do an emergency tracheotomy to secure an airway, otherwise I would have died. Not only were there signs in my room but I had a medic alert bracelet on and my allergy is in my chart. All Hamilton hospitals are latex free  MY GOAL IS TO GET AT LEAST ALL KITCHENER HOSPITALS LATEX RESTRICTED but if this encourages more hospitals to go Latex Restricted  than that would the best outcome,.This is not the first time this hospital has used latex gloves on me and I had an Anaphylactic allergic reaction. This happened 3 times. I want to do my part in making sure this never happens again to anyone else including myself again. Removing Latex products from hospitals is a must to ensure safer hospitals! With medical products being made from alternative materials there is no excuse for latex products to be in hospitals anymore. No latex, no medical mistakes concerning latex. Hence safer hospitals and more lives are being saved.