More Cranbury, NJ Warehouses = Health, Safety, Traffic, and Environmental Complications!

More Cranbury, NJ Warehouses = Health, Safety, Traffic, and Environmental Complications!

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Concerned Cranbury & Monroe residents started this petition to Zoning, Planning Board Cranbury Township and

Warehouse Plan Submitted Will Impact Village Residents

An application for development in Cranbury that borders Monroe appears to be in the works with concept plans already submitted to Monroe. If an application is completed, it will be submitted to the Cranbury Township Planning Board for review and approval. The warehouses would be located on Cranbury Township’s Block 13, Lots 13, 15, and 16 – on Halsey Reed Road in Cranbury and Monroe Township. The project is slated to include 81 truck docks, 69 trailer storage spaces, and 187 car stalls. (One warehouse approximately the size of 4 1/2 football fields, the other approx. 1 1/2) Although it is too late to do anything about existing Amazon, Wayfair, and other express transfer stations, warehousing, and distribution centers, it is early enough to stop have an influence on the next project, especially since it borders many residences, the historic hamlet of Cranbury Station, and a permanent mitigation bank designed to preserve the environment.  We have approached the Cranbury Town Council, and Monroe Planning Board for their assistance.  They advised us that resident support from both towns is critical. This project will have an impact on our entire community.

We can help each other by attending all Council and Board meetings in Cranbury and Monroe.

The details of residents’ concerns:   Monroe Township and Cranbury residents (in all areas of both townships) are currently suffering from Cranbury’s continued development of the warehouse and distribution center district East of Route 130. We question whether the 2010 zoning of “Light Industry” takes into account the contemporary definition of wholesaling or warehousing, which services high-volume online retailers and distributors. 

The quality of residents’ lives has deteriorated as a result of constant noise pollution, the physical shaking of homes, traffic safety, truck and employee car traffic and congestion, pedestrian safety, and health issues from exhaust and particulate matter in the air.

There are serious environmental issues on these properties that would make development difficult, including wetlands, mitigated wetlands, vernal pools and rare wildlife habitats.  DEP reports show presence of threatened species, including the Wood Turtle and Brown Thrasher among this Historic Hamlet of Cranbury Station.

The warehouse model has changed since 2010, when the most recent update of Cranbury’s Master Plan was written. Online shopping has resulted in warehouses that are designed and operated as express transfer stations, which service more tractor-trailers than anyone could have imagined in 2010. These facilities operate around the clock, Cranbury and Monroe streets will be further clogged with increased tractor-trailer, employee, and facility support traffic. 

Responsible land use must include consideration of the impact of development.  We are losing the balance of commercial, open space, wildlife habitats, residential, farmland, and historic places in both Cranbury and Monroe Townships.

Cranbury Township’s Master Plan acknowledges that negative impacts on residences in Monroe exists due to Cranbury’s light industrial zoning, and further states that design standards and appropriate landscaping will help to mitigate any impacts. The negative impact to Monroe and Cranbury residents is current and factual.  Mitigating the current negative impacts with the construction of yet another warehouse is ill-conceived and dismissive of any working relationship between Cranbury and Monroe. Without the assistance of the governing bodies of both townships, the lives of Monroe and Cranbury residents will diminish even further. 

The character and realities of our town’s development has significantly changed since master plans were written.  Instead of farmland bordering Cranbury, we now welcome hundreds of families in new neighborhoods. What may have seemed workable 10 years ago, just isn’t workable today. 


We ask you for your support. We are requesting that Monroe Township deny the developer’s request to tie into Monroe’s water and sewer system, and to deny them ingress and egress to township roads. 

We ask Cranbury Township to rezone these lots, Block 13, Lots 13, 15, and 16 so that they may remain in open space, such as farmland preservation or a mitigated wetland.

Please sign the attached sheet to show your support of our requests to Monroe and Cranbury Township.


Thank you,

Concerned Citizens of Monroe and Cranbury

For any further questions or concerns please email:


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