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More changes for danger junctions in shepshed on charley road/iveshead road/ abbey road

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The "danger junction" on charley road/iveshead road and abbey road needs to be a lot more safer than just dropping the speed limit to 50mph and adding a few signs up. As most of you are aware there was a serious collision on this road on 27/04/2017. Well I was involved in that collision along with my sister and 2 nephews. All they mentioned was 4 people was involved in a one car collision, what they failed to tell you was 2 of them 4 people was children. One who is 13 years old and a 7 month old baby, they also failed to mention I was pregnant. So as you can imagine with children in the car it wasn't down to driving like a maniac. It was all down to that bend not being as clear as it should be and the dip as you go around the bend doesn't help as that throws u across the other side of the road, which it did with us, as they was a car on coming we had to quick swerve which caused us to crash. There has been far to many incidents aswell as near misses on that road before and after the crash I was involved in. All the police/highway and county council are thinking about is how much the improvements would cost. Surely if it means saving lives it would be better. Maybe they should put themselves in my mums shoes for 5 minutes just getting that phone call to say 2 of your children and 2 of your grand children have been rushed to hospital. We have already been told we are lucky to be alive as none of the surgeons thought we would make it. Me and my sister both had to stop being mothers as we couldn't do anything. Not only did we lose out on our children's lives they lost out on having their mothers around for a while. Maybe they should stop thinking about money and start thinking about lives, surely it's things like this we pay our taxes for! All get signing and lets get more done than the little stuff they are doing now.

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