Currently, many radio and television stations in Australia play less than 10% local music, while the internet is completely unregulated.

More Australian music in the Australian media is vital to "developing and reflecting a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity", as outlined in the Federal Government Broadcast Act.

The FTA (Australia United States Free Trade Agreement) prevents the Australian government from setting the local quota higher than 25%, however, the FTA does not prevent the Australian Government from setting a minimum quota of 25% Australian music in the Australian media.

Australia has local content quotas to protect local producers in television, mining, agriculture and other industries, why not music?

More Australian music in the Australian media will:

revive the local recording industry

revive the live music industry

create stable employment for tens of thousands of musicians

create a booming music export market worth billions of dollars each year

keep music royalties in Australia worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year

increase music tourism to Australia worth billions more

To revive the Australian music industry, the Australian Government should encourage media to play a minimum of 25% Australian music content, composed and performed by Australians, in all genres, in all Australian media, including radio, television, internet and live shows.

If you feel strongly about Australian music, now is the time to stand up and do something!

Letter to
CEO of Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Chris Chapman
Leader of the Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne
Minister for the Arts George Brandis
and 2 others
Shadow Minister for the Arts Tony Bourke
Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull
To revive the Australian music industry, please introduce a minimum quota of 25% Australian music,

• Composed, performed and produced by Australian residents and citizens;

• Half new music released within 5 years, half released more than 5 years ago;

• In all format categories, covering all music genres;

• In all Australian media, including but not limited to terrestrial and digital radio, television, films, advertising, commercial websites, live shows, music reviews, music editorials, music interviews, featured music, piped music, music on hold;

• Distributed evenly, calculated as a percentage of the total number of musical items, the total number of artists and the total time occupied broadcasting music within every three-hour period throughout each day;

• Appropriate incentives for compliance;

• Increase to 35% in 2016.