I want there to be more access to feminine products around UT.

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How is it that a school will give out free condoms and promote safe sex, but will charge a student money in order for her to obtain necessary feminine products? Many times a student will go to school and get their period unexpectedly  and they're not prepared. If there were functioning dispensers in the restrooms that contained free pads and tampons then girls would not have to worry about asking around to different people if they have a pad/tampon. Many female students cannot afford pads or tampons since they can range from $7 to $10 dollars a package and that is without sales tax. If schools gave out free feminine products then these students could go to school and not worry about their menstrual cycle.

  If we succeed on our mission, schools will not charge students for feminine products. Free Period supplies will be provided and at the disposal of any student in need. Many students will not have to worry about the possibility of being unprepared or having an insufficient amount of money to purchase these supplies.