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Reducing Firearm Tragedies Through Education

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We, as parents understand that we cannot be ever-present guardians hovering of our children to keep them safe.  Instead, we educate them about the real world to protect them. It starts with advice on not touching hot stoves, how to cross streets and matures into sometimes uncomfortable discussions about sexual health and drugs.  We do not shy away from these encounters because we know how important they are to ensuring the safety of our kids.

Ask yourself “How would my children act when they first encounter a firearm without an adult present?”  Regardless of political perspectives, the reality is that we live in a nation with a high percentage of lawful gun ownership. It is highly likely that a young person will encounter a firearm at some time before they are an adult. Accidents and tragedies occur when a child or a friend finds a firearm and they are not educated on how they should act.  

Firearm Education

We reject the regulatory approach. Instead, we ask the Moraga Town Council to assign the Moraga Police Department to incorporate basic firearm safety training into existing safety education classes of elementary school students.  

The basic Eddie Eagle GunSafe program messages of: STOP, Don’t Touch, Run Away, Tell A Grown-up can act as a simple template that should be considered for young children.

We also encourage parents to actively engage their children about firearms, their family values and how to stay safe. Project ChildSafe provides free instruction materials for parents and law enforcement on how to have these conversations.

Reject Symbolic Regulation

There is a group lobbying for a “safe storage” proposition which “would require people to keep their guns safely stored when they are not carrying them.” This proposal appear innocuous but is both unenforceable and purely symbolic.  

As a legal firearm owner, would you open the doors to your house for a surprise safe storage inspection? Is it a good use of the police department to conduct such inspections? Of course not. This is why this proposal is unenforceable and therefore symbolic.

We have no objection to advocating for firearm safety and the safe storage of firearms.  We also strongly believe that it is the role of parents to monitor the mental health of their children and limit their access to firearms, drugs and other substance that may enable them to harm themselves or others.

We ask the Moraga Town Council to reject the petition to regulate firearms storage and all similar regulations that are invasive to citizen rights, symbolic, unenforceable or place a burden on law enforcement.

Please support this petition for Education, not regulation.

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