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Bring Financial Transparency, Justice, and Accountability to Folsom Moose Lodge #2009.

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The Moose Fraternity is supposed to be about “An international organization of men and women dedicated to caring for young and old, bringing communities closer together, and celebrating life.”  Right now, at Folsom Moose Lodge #2009 we are FAR from the statement quoted above on our Moose International webpage.

One man has single handedly torn down the accountability and democracy of our local Moose Lodge.  This individual has been in charge of the finances for years, which was never his duty in the first place. It's become clear that many past elected governors and board members have turned a blind eye to this man's dishonest behavior. Well this year the Lodge had a new Board and new Governor who was going to keep this man accountable.

Our (recent) Governor started asking for financial documents because our Lodge was “broke” and it logically did not add up. Of course, very shortly after our Governor started asking questions, he was removed without any actual cause that was factual. No ACTUAL investigation was performed by Moose International. They did not come interview members or meet with our Board. Instead the Board and our Governor received a letter of our Governor’s removal. This of course started an uproar in our Lodge and there has been a mass exodus of members.

Shortly after our Governor’s removal, our entire Board was removed by Moose International. Again, because the Board continued our Governor’s work to pursue where our Lodge’s money was going. Our own Treasurer didn't even have access to the financials because of our Lodge Administrator. Now another mass exodus of members has left or are not renewing their memberships for this unjust decision as well.

Quite frankly it’s gotten to the point where we do not want a Moose International investigator to come out unless they have no ties to our Lodge AT ALL. There is some major corruption at our Lodge and it goes beyond Folsom, but to a regional level. The members of Folsom Moose Lodge want a legitimate investigation from a Moose International representative or representatives that don’t even know a member from our Lodge to keep the investigation unbiased, which is how it should be, if there is an investigation to begin with in a democratic organization, like the Moose.

I personally, along with many others do not want to give up on this fight. There needs to be accountability and a thorough investigation. Money doesn't disappear out of thin air, but apparently, it does at Folsom Moose Lodge #2009. Our members want a REAL investigation from Moose International. We want them to come out and look at our financials and remove our Administrator and possible others from any financial duties. Our Lodge has been corrupted and if the Moose International does not step in, there won't be a Folsom Moose Lodge for much longer.

Also, there are major safety issues with our Lodge. Our foundation is crumbling beneath our building (literally) and there needs to be major repairs done to make it safe for members. This has been made aware to every member by email and has been verified by licensed engineers that have inspected our building. Our Lodge Administrator does not care about his Moose Lodge. If he cared then he would have released the financial documents and been transparent. Ironically there was an article released by Moose International recently about keeping financial transparency within the Lodge. This article can be found here:

The Lodge is supposed to be a safe place for young and old. Currently it's not safe for anyone, unless you're in the Administrator’s pocket.

The goal of this petition is to be bring restoration and justice to Folsom Moose Lodge #2009. It has come to the point where writing letters and making phone calls has gotten our members nowhere with answers or action. So, now we are using a media platform to get the investigation we deserve.

On a personal note: I love being able to go to my Lodge (as a millennial and a minority) and meet people from every walk of life. I would hate to miss out on having a conversation with someone with 40-60 more years under their belt, then myself because Moose International won’t step up and address the blatant issues in our Lodge. This is a critical point in history where generations can be sharing knowledge amongst themselves in a social setting under the same “alma mater” you might say, “The Fraternal Order of the Moose.” What an incredible time to be alive, yet it can be gone in a second if action isn’t taken by the Moose Lodge members of LOOM #2009 and WOTM #1588.



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